“Whoa, a new blog?!?”

I started a new blog. As you can see. Here are the reasons.

  1. Wix.com was expensive. I didn’t feel like the interface was working with me and it was defiantly not money going to good use when I barely posted.
  2. I wanted a fresh start. My old blog was mostly moody rambles and sappy poems trying to hold on to some sort of aesthetic persona of a blogger/writer/poet.
  3. Why the heck not?!? Right? I do what I want.


What can I expect from this new blog?

  1. Lots of writing on being sustainable and eco-friendly. I dabble in minimalism and zero-waste so check out those posts.
  2. Sometimes I write about clothes or makeup or planners, or stuff of that nature. You can find that in the life and style section.
  3. I will still write a lot in my feelings and ramble but hey, you might like that.

So that’s it. Trying to write what I want and not what I think you want. I’m still me, and if anything I’m more me.  Still figuring it out and failing gracefully. Hope to see you around.

Olivia Grace


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