February Favorites

Let’s close our eyes and go on a journey. All the way back to 2008. Back to the innocence. Back to the beginning. Of what you ask? Youtube. That demonic force that has filled our lives for the past 10 years. If you are like me, youtube videos, specifically beauty and lifestyle videos, shaped my formative years. Room tours and favorites videos filled my young subscription box and mind. But everything has changed. Youtube. Me. Everything.

Whoa, how dramatic, Liv. But I thought I would do a good ole’ youtube favorites video in blog form. We’re going to pretend I’m a youtuber (even though that is the worst thing ever to imagine) and I’m going to tell you the things I liked this month.

I put this in the Life & Style section because most of the things have to do with those, not rambles or eco-friendly stuff. So, here we go.




I don’t really take care of my skin but this is the thing that stood out to me this month.

The Skin Food lotion by the natural brand Weleda. It is an oil based moisturizer that is really good. It’s spendy because natural brands usually are but it’s worth a try if you have dry skin.




My favorite makeup thing from this month is the Better than CC cream from IT cosmetics. I have had it for a while but it was great this month because it has a little higher coverage than my other bases. I am in the shade Fair because I am pale AF. The brand doesn’t have the biggest shade range which is dumb. This is really expensive and I will probably not be repurchasing it because it is not natural and I’m trying to stick to my goal of all natural makeup (I got rid of all my makeup that wasn’t natural like 2 years ago but it didn’t last long).



Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 11.42.46 PM.png

I got a really awesome pair of overalls in late January at Urban Outfitters on sale and even though I haven’t worn it a ton this month, it is so rad so it has to be my favorite piece of clothing of the month. It’s still available online and it’s WAY cheaper than what I paid for it (of course) so you can check it out if you want.




I don’t know if I will have a favorite app every month, but I have used this app for almost a year and it is a game changer so I had to mention it in Fav’s first. I did purchase Cladwell but it was so worth it because it was the deciding factor in minimilazing my wardrobe down to 34 pieces (if you want to know more about my capsule wardrobe, comment below). It’s basically the closet app from the beginning of Clueless.


You put your entire wardrobe into the app (or just pick things similar which is super easy) and then everyday, based on the weather, it picks 3 outfits for you. You can wear one of them or edit them or reset all three. It tells you what amount of your clothes you are actually wearing and suggests items you can add to your closet that will go with all the stuff you already have. I use it every day.



600x600bfI am not a “music person”. I am not someone who depends on music for life but I do enjoy a little song or two. My favorite song this month is Press Restart by Walk the Moon off their new album What If Nothing. Listen to it here. I am mainly picking this song because I went to a Walk the Moon concert this month. If you want to know more about what I thought about the concert, check out my Instagram. Link, link, link. It was so good.



I didn’t pick movie or TV show because I am a good ole’ millennial who doesn’t “consume mainstream media”. This month has been the month of high brow youtube content. I watched almost everything Team Starkid has put on the internet. Also jumping into lots of mini series from Shipwrecked Comedy and the Tin Can Bros. Basically just Google it because it’s hard to explain. It has been a blackhole of pure enjoyment. My top recommends are Twisted from Starkid, Spies are Forever from Tin Can Bros, and Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party from Shipwrecked (they have such overlapping cast so you will recognize many faces).


Life Stuff

My favorite things that happened this month (besides the Walk the Moon concert) was future related (I know, responsible). I 1. got accepted to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, and 2. basically decided I’m not going there and I’m going to Mankato instead. I didn’t even look at Mankato until this month and I was kind of resigned to going to the U. I have always hated the U. It is too big, too expensive, and too basic (eww I’m such a hipster). Mankato has always had a reputation as a party school and the U is known for being high esteemed academically. In just a little looking into, Mankato is cheaper, smaller, and has better programs in my chosen field. I still have to apply there and tour but still. Making decisions. Being an adult. Woo.



So that’s all the categories I could think of, so I guess that’s the end. These are some things that I liked this month. What did you like this month? Tell me below (oh my gosh circling back to that old Youtube thing I said at the beginning). “Subscribe to my blog, like and comment down below.” Lame. But you can if you want.

See you soon.



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