About Me

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My name is Olivia Grace and this is my blog ‘Olivia Gracefully’. I started this in June 2017 on Wix because I wanted a place to write about my feelings (which were and are a lot). In January 2018, I switched to WordPress as a clean slate after figuring out a little more about what I want to write. From the very start, my blog tagline has been ‘figuring it out and failing gracefully’. It continues to be true that I’m just trying to get a hold on my life, learn from my failures, and let grace be at the center of it all. Grace is my real middle name and it is both and inspiration and a challenge to my life, so ‘Olivia Gracefully’ just kinda fit.

I like learning about people. I study Sociology because looking how people affect the world around them is fascinating. I am 19; I graduated high school in 2017. I live in Minneapolis, MN currently but I will be moving a little farther out for school. I love reading long books and hate “social media influencers”. Hate is a strong word, but I want you to know that I am not on here to get famous or get money. I just want to write about what I like and find interesting. Maybe someone out there finds them interesting too.

I like writing about a lot of different stuff. Sometimes I write about makeup, skincare, clothes and other stuff like that. You can find that under the Life & Style tab. If that’s not your thing, I also write about sustainability and zero-waste. You can find that under the Eco-Friendly tab. Finally, I sometimes just writing rambly, stream-of-consciousness, journal-like posts. It might be poetry or lessons that I’m learning. It probably won’t be the most popular, but the Rambles tab is where you will find my heart. If you have any questions or want to get in touch, use the contact form down below and I’ll try to get back to you. It was a pleasure to meet you mystery internet person. Hope you stay around.