Moving Out

As the days count down, I can't help but be hopeful. I look at this place. I want to see joy and nostalgia. I want to see all the smiling faces in those photos. But I'm clouded by pain, and judgement, and misunderstanding. I don't want it to be like this. I want to look … Continue reading Moving Out


Words aren’t enough

Sometimes words aren't enough. Maybe they are enough, I'm just not enough to place them into perfection. No matter how many books I read, I will never know the vast depth and breadth of language to explain how I feel. I try. I try by writing, both on paper and in my head. I try … Continue reading Words aren’t enough

Fear, Guilt, Shame: The Three Horseman of My Apocalypse

I have been thinking recently about intention and motivation. That sounds all hippy-dippy, but its something I have been talking about in therapy. In my Ethics class this week, we have been talking about Buddhist ethics. Buddha believed that all our thoughts can be categorized into to boxes: wanting something, and avoiding something. My professor … Continue reading Fear, Guilt, Shame: The Three Horseman of My Apocalypse